Trendy Doll Backpack Sew-Along – Part 4

American Girl Free Backpack Pattern 18 Doll


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It’s time to put the closures on and finish up your backpack!  Keep in mind, these last steps will vary a bit, depending on the closures you selected.  The following instructions read like a “choose your own adventure” book. 😉  The easiest and most straightforward closure method is velcro.


17.  Sew on the closures, either velcro, buckles, or sliders.


  • VELCRO :: If you are using velcro, put the backpack on your doll, decide where you want the top and bottom Closure Straps to meet, and mark the spot you’ll sew on the velcro.  You can go lower or higher then I did, or change where the straps overlap.  It’s up to you!


Velcro Closure for 18 Inch Doll Backpack


  • After you’ve sewn on your velcro, you may wish to trim the length of your Closure Straps.  I trimmed both the top and the bottom straps on the Foxy pack.  I also hand sewed decorative buttons on the top Closure Straps.  If you’ve chosen velcro as your closure, congratulations, you’re backpack is done!


Trendy Doll Backpack Pattern Velcro


  • BUCKLES OR SLIDERS :: If you are using a slider or buckle, loop your bottom Closure Strap through the slider or buckle and tuck the end of the strap underneath, flush with spot where you sewed the strap to the Outside Pocket (I used scrap fabric for these pictures).


Attaching the Buckle Free Doll Backpack Pattern

  • Sew across the overlapped Closure Strap, closing the loop and securing the buckle or slider.   I used scrap fabric for this photo, but you will have your backpack tucked to the left side while you sew.




  • Repeat the above steps to attach your second buckle or slider.


  •  Put the backpack on your doll and thread your top Closure Straps through the buckles or sliders.  You may wish to trim the length of your top Closure straps.  If so, mark and trim.


  • If you have used anything other then leather for your Closure Straps, finish the raw ends of the top Closure Straps by either tucking the ends under 1/4″ and sewing across – or – sewing a “V” shape and trimming.  If you chose sliders for your closures, congratulations, your backpack is done!



Finish 18 doll Backpack Straps


  • If you are using buckles to close your pack, now is the time to punch notches in the top Closure Straps.  I used tiny eyelets (intended for scrapbooking) to reinforce the notches.  Before you cut or punch out notches, be sure to try the pack on your doll and mark the placement for the notches.  On my pack, the top notch is the only one that looks nice when buckled.  The extra notches are simply decorative.


Finish 18 inch doll Backpack Eyelets


  • [Optional] To make the loop that the top Closure Strap tucks into when the pack is buckled close, cut a small strip of leather (or other non-fraying fabric) and loop it around the bottom Closure Strap.  Overlap the ends of the strip and hand sew closed to form the loop.


Congratulations, your trendy doll backpack is done! Put your finished backpack on your lucky, spoiled doll and admire your work. I hope you have enjoyed this sew-along and I would LOVE to see pictures of your pack!


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[Sew-Along Links: Gather Your Supplies :: Part 1 :: Part 2 :: Part 3 :: Part 4 ]


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