The Mod Shift Dress Pattern is on Etsy

Mod Shift Dress American Girl Doll Dress PatternThe Mod Shift Dress pattern is ready and available on Etsy! I’m really excited about this pattern and I hope you’ll love it too.  I designed it after finding lots of pretty sheer knits, stretchy lace, and open weave knit fabrics that were just begging to be sewn into dolly dresses.

Fabrics to make doll dresses for American Girl 18 Inch Dolls

Of course using see-through fabrics requires a lined dress, so this pattern includes instructions for sewing a full, attached lining.

Sew a lined shift dress for American Girl 18 inch dollBecause the lines are so simple, this is the perfect little dress to accessorize.  For our photo shoot, we switched up jewelry, hats, shoes, glasses.. it was great fun!

How to sew a shift dress for American Girl 18 inch doll-  sewing pattern on etsy

American Girl Doll Dress sewing pattern for knit fabrics

I love how changing only the color of the lining under the lace completely changes the personality of the dress.

Sewing pattern for easy knit shift dress for American Girl 18 inch doll

This is a simple and versatile pattern that comes together very quickly.  You don’t even have to set sleeves!  If you use an opaque knit fabric rather then a sheer or a lace, you can omit the lining altogether and go from cutting table to finished dress in under an hour.

We upcycled one of my daughter’s outgrown t-shirts to make this Kitty dress for our doll Avery.  I cut the pattern aligning the hem of the dress on the pre-finished hem of the tee, so this entire project took about 20 minutes.

Avery would like you to know that, although she is a fan of her new dress,   .. SPARKLY SHOES!

Sew a American Girl Doll Dress from a t shirt

I drafted the pattern using American Girl dolls, but the dress will fit most 18 inch dolls with a similar body type.  As always when sewing a new pattern, it’s best to do a “test run” with scrap fabrics the first time through.  I designed the hemline above the knee (because dolly knees are the cutest thing in the whole wide world. And boots, y’all.), but you can easily lengthen the dress if you prefer a little more coverage or are sewing a more formal style dress.

I’ll leave with one final pic from our photo shoot.  If you’re inspired to sew a Mod Shift Dress for your doll, you can find the pattern in our Etsy store!

Mod Shift Dress pattern from MSF


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    I just think this is the cutest and most creative dress and doable (?) I have seen in awhile. Thanks for sharing.

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