Sewing and Knitting for Hearts for Hearts Shola



Hearts for Hearts Doll Shola


Hearts for Hearts doll Shola lives as a modern American girl in my collection.  This weekend, I sewed her a new outfit and knitted her a hat.



Hearts for Hearts Doll Shola


Hearts for Hearts Doll Shola


I didn’t use a pattern for the hat, I knit it in the round with just a few rows of ribbing, then some knitting in stockinette, then reduced, then tied it off.  Easy peasy lemon squeezy.  I’m not a very experienced knitter and I’m trying to give myself license to experiment rather then depend solely on pre-made patterns.  Doll hats seem like a good place to start!



Hearts for Hearts Doll Shola


Her top is made from a rib knit cotton.  The pattern is free here. Her mini skirt was sewn from a woven cotton in a camo print.  I used a pattern meant to fit 18″ dolls like American Girl and reduced it to 70% of it’s original size.  It’s a very fast and easy pattern.  I made both the shirt and the skirt in just under an hour. The mini skirt pattern is available for purchase here.


Shola’s black microsuede slouch boots took the most time, because I didn’t have a pattern.  I googled around until I had a general idea of doll boot construction and then set to work drafting a pattern.  My pattern is not perfect, but it’s serviceable and the boots came out looking exactly how I envisioned.


Anyway, she seems pleased!



Sewing Knitting Hearts for Hearts Doll Shola




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