Review of the New Hearts for Hearts Doll, Nyesha

Hearts for Hearts Doll Nyesha Review

Meet Nyesha, one of the two newest dolls from the Hearts for Hearts collection by Playmates Toys.  I have been stalking Target patiently waiting for this doll since her prototype photos began circulating after the 2014 Toy Fair in February.  You can read an excellent report about the H4H debuts at the Toy Fair, which included the unveiling of not only Nyesha but also Surjan from Nepal, by Char at Doll Diaries.

Hearts for Hearts has an unfortunate tendency of going silent on their Facebook page for long stretches of time, so collectors have been left hanging as to the general release date of the new dolls.  There were rumors that the release had been pushed back to 2015 so I’d pretty much given up hope of finding Nyesha anytime soon.

And then last Saturday happened.   My daughter attended a birthday party near a Target that I don’t usually frequent, so I decided to kill a little time in the toy aisle before picking her up.  I started in the Our Generation section, slim pickin’s.. Surprise! (not).  The Hearts for Hearts section is typically right next to OG and .. gasp.. there she was! Not only one Nyesha doll, but two.  And Surjan!  And quite a few of the other dolls as well.  I debated getting both Surjan and Nyesha, but then felt a bit guilty buying toys for myself so close to Christmas.  Heh.

I brought her home and stripped the box.  Would she be as gorgeous as her Toy Fair prototype?

Nyesha Doll Prototype H4H dolls

Well… almost.

Hearts for Hearts Nyesha

There are a couple of changes between the prototype and the actual production run dolls.  One easy to identify change is her hair.  Nyesha’s hair is not as gorgeous as the promo photos would lead you to believe, and it’s very, VERY prone to frizz.  My doll came out of the box with some frizz which only got worse as I gently worked with her.  If you purchase this doll for a child, be forewarned that the hair won’t look nice for long.

Hearts for Hearts Nyesha
That said, it’s not horrible, and this is a 25ish dollar doll, so given the manufacturing constraints at that price point, I’m not shaking any judgey fingers at Hearts for Hearts.  I just wish they wouldn’t bother teasing us with unrealistic, higher quality prototypes.

There’s also something different about the face mold that I can’t quite put my finger on.  My Nyesha doll’s face is still beautiful, but decidedly different then the Toy Fair prototype.

Hearts for Hearts Nyesha

Despite these little let downs, I’m not disappointed in my purchase.  Nyesha is a lovely addition to my collection, photographs beautifully, and I’m happy to have her. I’ll let you know how her hair holds up over time.  Her clothing is decent quality, especially for the price point, and I’m particularly impressed with her vinyl sneakers which are a step up from the usual molded plastic throw-away quality of most department store dolls.

Hearts for Hearts received criticism with their 2013 release (the Shola and Mosi dolls) for the prototype clothing being downgraded significantly for the production dolls.  It’s not that the downgrade was entirely unexpected, but they didn’t change the box art to reflect the changes, so customers found that the box contents were not accurately depicted by the photos on the box.  This time around, Nyesha’s clothing appears to be identical to the box art.  It remains to be seen whether consumers will react negatively to the slightly different face mold and lower quality hair which are one again inaccurately depicted (at least in my opinion) by the box art.

As I mentioned, I found Nyesha at Target for $25.99.  According to the Playmates Toys website, you may also find the Hearts for Hearts dolls at Toys R Us, Walmart, Meijer, Kmart, and Barnes & Noble.   If you don’t feel like driving or calling around to your local brick and mortars, you can often find these dolls online.  As of this writing, you can get both Nyesha and Surjan along with quite a few of the Hearts for Hearts Girls from Amazon at near-retail pricing.

Be advised that the prices swing wildly for these dolls online, and while Nyesha and Surjan are currently widely available, the pricing will be decent.  But as the holiday season approaches and the first wave of dolls are snapped up from the stores (both by consumers and resellers), the prices will almost inevitably sky rocket.  As with Our Generation, Hearts for Hearts has been known to have some distribution issues, and as demand exceeds supply.. well, I’m sure you know what happens!

I made a video review of Nyesha if you’d like to see her in a little more detail.  In the video, I compare her in size to my Corolle Les Cheries, Paola Reina, and our American Girl doll Meggie (aka Cecile).

I’ll leave you with a few more pictures of the newest small friend posing with her new vinyl sisters.  I’d love to hear your impressions of the Hearts for Hearts Girls!

Hearts for Hearts Nyesha

Hearts for Hearts Nyesha

Hearts for Hearts Nyesha

Hearts for Hearts Nyesha and American Girl Doll Cecile


  1. Carrie says:

    i think part of it is the shadowing in the promo photo, throws the face proportions off. and the actual doll seems that her face is a bit longer maybe? or the hairline is a big higher.

    • Steph says:

      I think you’re correct about the narrowness of the face. The prototype looks.. fuller? I think my Nyesha looks younger, too, which is good when she’s playing little sister, but one thing I have appreciated about Shola is her ability to pose as a teen fashion doll. Nyesha is styled out of the box with a tween look, but her face looks more in the 8 to 10 range and even younger next to an AG doll.

  2. Flo says:

    There is definitely a difference from the prototype. She makes a great little sister for an AG doll though, even if that isn’t the age range she’s supposed to be.

  3. Bon says:

    Less full lips, different brows, smaller irises proportional to the eye and yes, narrower face. Hair is a disappointment. Oh, well! I wonder if she can be rerooted?

  4. Amira says:

    just get a spiral setting rod set at local hair care store,curl with hot water and trim to shape.use a wig spray or a glycerin and water based lube to style after curls dry

      • Amira Wyatt says:

        Your’re welcome!I just got Mikah(my kiddo)Nyesha and Surjan,I had Nyesha sent from NOLA and Surajan was in LeesSummit Mo.I curled her hair but may get some smaller curlers for the volume and pattern to match her box.I wish I could load pictures…..

  5. Amanda says:

    Hi, I am so happy to have found your site. I have been looking for the new Heart for heart doll for my daughter, she has several of them and the our generation dolls, We find that the heart for heart dolls hair holds up a lot better than out generation, however, with a 9 and 10 year old playing mommy, often even their hair gets ratted. Ay advice on how to keep that from happening( short of not playing with it) would be greatly appreciated! Also, I would love some pics of Surjan as well! I can’t seem to find the dolls on any toyrsur or target website, I randomly came across them on my phone for toysrus, but can’t find them on the full screen. I found them for 20 on there…

  6. penny says:

    i bought two of these doll this fall after my 2 grand daughters fell in love with them. I did get them at Target in Rochester, Mn. Zelia from Brazil and Nahji, from India. The price was wonderful I have no problems with the hair but they do have the metal wig brush. I do like the concept of the dolls also because our family do support children through World Vision for many years.
    Another plus I found. I have many AG patterns to make clothes and if you reduce the patterns 60% they fit the H4H dolls. I purchased another doll, Lilian, Belarus, to have on hand to fit the new clothes I make.

    • Amira Wyatt says:

      Looking for a Nahji doll and a USED Mosi Or Consuelo to use for a repaint custom for my daughters 6th birthday.If anyone sees A NEW OR USED Nahji or the other girls I am looking for let me know.Email have gotten 3 dolls via pen pal relationships and I’d like to use that community again.

  7. Vanessa says:

    Look online and in pinterest for patterns. Some hearts for hearts clothing patterns are free. My free patterns are on Pinterest . Look for the hearts for hearts board on my pinterest ( under my name Vanessa Knutsen). Check etsy or eBay where others sell clothing for h for h dolls. I love these wonderful dolls.

  8. Lala says:

    I was excited about the release of Nyesha. Finally found her through Amazon and quickly ordered her a few months ago. Once she arrived I was very disappointed. Her hair was nothing like her picture. Compared to Chavonne from Journey Girls Nyesha’s hair was a big fail. Sadly I sent her back. Maybe Hearts 4 Hearts will fix this let down or come out with another dark ethnic doll with true to pictures curly hair.

  9. Kathleen says:

    Yay! I’m glad to find two good reviews now!
    We just ordered her this morning, so she’s coming in a few days. 😀
    We have Malaila (Shola), Rachel (Rahel), Piper (Dell), Nikita (Surjan), and Tipi, so I’m glad that we can add even more diversity!

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