Our Generation Tea Set Review

Oh, Hello…

It’s so nice to see you!  Do you have time to join us for a cup of tea?
Please, please, sit!
Our Generation 18 inch doll Tea Set Review and doll video

Help yourself to a scone and some jam.
Our Generation 18

We have a selection of teas to choose from.  There is Orange (um.. orange?) or Yellow (lemon, maybe?). Tea Set Review for American Girl Dolls by Our GenerationDon’t forget to add cream and a cube of sugar. Our Generation Tea Set for American Girl DollsPerhaps a macaron? Don’t be silly, of course they’re not stuck together. Doll tea set review macarons macaroons from Our Generation for AG dollsIf you’d like something a little more substantial to nibble, help yourself to a finger sandwich, a chocolate cookie, or a fruit tart.

Our Generation Tea Set Review Doll Food 18" DollsHave you had enough eat?  Yes, we agree, the shade-of-green-not-found-in-nature filling in the finger sandwiches is.. interesting.  And the raisin scones are quite tasty.

Our Generation Tea Set Review Tea for Two

Thank you so much for having tea with us today!  We’re so glad you found a moment to stop by, we so enjoy your company.

If you’d like to have your own tea party, you can find the Our Generation “Tea for Two” set at Target stores or at Amazon.com (as of this writing, the Amazon price is at retail.. save yourself the hunt!).

We made a video review of the OG tea set if you’d like a few more details about what’s included and to hear my impressions of the materials used (hint:plastic) in this set.

Thanks again for stopping by.. we’ll see you soon!


  1. Farrah Lily says:

    Nice review! I tend not to buy too many AG accessories due to their steep price tag, so it’s nice to see what else is out there at a more affordable option. Beautiful photos!

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