How to Make a Panda Costume for your Doll

How to make a Panda Costume for American Girl

So I had leftover foam sheets and t-shirt scraps after my impromptu Skeleton costume tutorialWhat’s a girl to do, but make another costume?


Panda Halloween Costume for Kanani


This costume requires a tiny bit more sewing then the skeleton costume, but no painting.  Since you don’t have to wait for paint to dry, this is a fabulous and fast last minute doll costume.

Can you see how easy it would be to use this formula to make a huge variety of Halloween costumes for your dolls?  Change the mask to penguin : Boom. Penguin Costume.  Or change the colors to red and brown and make a fox!  Make a kitty!  How about a dragon? The possibilities are endless.

If you make a costume for your doll (even if you don’t use MSF patterns) will you post pictures on our Facebook page?  I’d love to see!


Materials for the Panda Costume

In addition to the black knit fabric or human-sized black t-shirt to cut up, and the black and white foam sheets, you’ll also need a few scraps of black, white, and red felt.  You could probably substitute other fabrics you have on hand, but felt is so versatile and easy to work with, I always keep some on hand for dolly projects.

Download the Panda Costume Pattern Sheet – Pants, Paws, and Mask

Download the Long Sleeve T-Shirt Pattern  from the Scientific Seamstress

IMPORTANT – Be sure to download and save the patterns to your hard drive and print at “Actual Size” from a PDF reader like Adobe Reader.  If you print directly from your browser, the patterns may not print at the correct scale.

I put together a 5 minute video tutorial on YouTube to show you how to make the Panda Costume. Kanani told me it was about time she got the starring roll in a Many Small Friends video I think she’s a natural.

A note that bears repeating from the Skeleton costume, remember that black fabrics sometimes contain a lot of dye that can stain your doll.  It’s best to pre-wash your fabric or the t-shirt you cut up for this project before you start.  And just to be safe, don’t leave your doll in her costume for an extended period of time or in a very hot environment (like a hot car or in a sunny window).  She’ll be fine for Trick-or-Treating, but don’t leave her in her costume til the New Year!

Panda Halloween Costume for American Girl Doll Kanani or any 18 inch doll

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