The Urban Belted Coat Pattern for American Girl

American Girl Doll Sewing Pattern Belted Coat PDF

It’s done! It’s done! It’s DONE! La Dee Dee, La Dah Dah.. It’s Finally DOOOOONE!

{that is what I’m singing, as I dance around the house,  flapping my arms wildly}

My children are familiar with this crazy dancy song, as it’s the same one I perform each year when I submit our household income taxes in January late March.

So, turns out this dolly pattern publishing business is time consuming work.  And scary, too!  I discovered that my pool of pattern testers included professional technical writers, pattern designers for real live human beings, and home seamstresses with.. uh.. fifty years of experience.  50 years, People!  And not everyone identified their line of work.  I bet there was at least one rocket scientist. I have a very high quality audience. 😉

To say I was intimidated as I sent out the pattern to my illustrious band of testers is an understatement.   But I soldiered on and faced my fears of inadequacy because I believed my little dolly pattern was worthy enough to bring into the world.  And I’m so glad I did because I got tons of tremendously helpful feedback from the testers. Thank you, thank you, thank you, and thank you again, wonderful testers!

After a little tweak here, and slight clarification there, I’m confident that the Urban Belted Coat Pattern is finally ready to be unleashed upon the dolly world!

The Urban Belted Coat

Now that the Urban Belted Coat pattern is finished, I’m working on the next pattern, which will be free to download.  It’s is a fashionable dolly wardrobe essential that will pair very nicely with the coat.

I’ll give you a hint….

It’s Jeggings. 😀

[I’m bad at hints.]

Hopefully I’ll have that ready for you and posted on the blog next week.

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Now then.  I’m off to dance around a little more, sing my song of contented completion, and maybe even attempt to locate the vacuum or the bottom of my kitchen sink.  It’s been awhile since I’ve seen either!

The Urban Belted Coat


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