New year, new toys, new patterns!

Happy New Year from Many Small FriendsHappy 2015, friends! I hope that all who celebrated the holidays had many joyful and memorable moments. We had a terrific Christmas filled with family, fun, and delicious food. As usual, my dolly habit was indulged by my wonderful family and I have lots of fun new stuff to show you in the coming weeks.

My daughter is enchanted by the revamped American Girl Pets Collection and asked for Coconut and “any of the pet beds” for Christmas. I made a top secret video review of both items before gifting and, fortunately for me, she didn’t peruse the MSF YouTube channel before the big day.

American Girl Coconut Puppy

AG Pets and the Princess Pet Bed

You can check out the video here, but the bottom line is that I was more impressed with Coconut then I expected and much less impressed with the Princess Pet Bed.

She loved both, and that’s really all that matters.  🙂

One of my favorite new toys is a 5th generation iPod Touch!  I have enjoyed a much older version for years, but it has been sporting a cracked screen for a few months and it didn’t come equipped with a camera.  I’m also the last human on earth to not have a smart phone, so although I’ve been very intrigued by the doll communities on Instagram, I haven’t been able to join the fun with no device compatible with the Instagram app.  My new iPod now allows me to snap quick pics and upload them to Instagram or Facebook for instant sharing. Hello 21st century, it’s so nice to finally meet you!

I’m definitely a “newb” (as I’m oft labeled by my teenage sons), but I have found lots of great doll-centered Instagram accounts to follow.  My account can be found here:  @many_small_friends

(Sons, did I do that right??!!??)

I’m also posting the Instagram pictures on Facebook if you are uncool like me and still hang out on Facebook*.

*Facebook uncoolness insight also provided by aforementioned teenage sons.  Apparently parents ruined it.

Dolly Instagram

One of my favorite things about a fresh new year is all the fresh new ideas that flood my imagination. I can hardly sleep with all the patterns and projects floating around in my head.  Sadly, daylight hours have not expanded to match my renewed energy, so progress is slow.  But bear with me, I have so many fun things to share with you in 2015!

Here is a peek at some of the patterns I’m working on.

Julie and Saige American Girl Dolls

Have you sewn with loose knit sweater fabrics and stretch lace?  They are too sheer to be used alone, but I’m developing a pattern for a fully lined dress that looks fantastic with these knits and lace as an overlay.  It’s almost finished and will be available at Etsy when it’s ready.

Doll bums are difficult to fit.

I’m also expanding the jeggings pattern to fit better with less stretchy fabrics.  I’ve found a bunch of printed sateens (~3% Spandex content) that have a little too much gap in the back without some additional paneling in the rear.  You guys.. doll bums are difficult to fit!  But I’m soooo close.  It’s only taken about 2,403,649 prototypes, give or take.  Julie has been a (relatively) good sport, what with all the leg yanking required to get a million pairs on tight fitting pants on and off.  She did, however, threaten to stick chewing gum in my sewing machine if I didn’t finish up soon.

When this pattern is finished, it will be sent as a freebie to my MSF Newsletter subscribers and then listed for sale in the Etsy store.

Lots of prototypes

I hope you had a nice holiday season as well and I’m so grateful to have found such a wonderful group of fellow doll enthusiasts to share ideas and inspiration. If you have an Instagram account, I’d love to follow you!  Post your account address (?? Is that what it’s called on IG?  Sons, stop at laughing at your mother) in the comment section below. 🙂