Review of the NEW Our Generation Sewing Set -“It Seams Perfect”

You guys! Guess what I found?!?!?

Our Generation 18 inch doll Sewing Set It Seams PerfectAfter a long, frustrating, and fruitless search for the previous (now retired?) Our Generation Sewing and Dressmaking Set, I was thrilled to find the NEW Our Generation “It Seams Perfect” sewing set shortly after it’s summer 2015 release.

New OG Sewing Set for American Girl 18 Inch Dolls

It’s absolutely ADORABLE and at $29.99, it’s packed with display potential and play value.  It comes with a ton of sweet, doll-sized sewing accessories, including an actual pattern and fabric to make your doll a dress!

OG Our Generation Battat Sewing Play set for 18" dolls


There’s so much to say about this set and and it’s little bits and bobs, that I did a video review.  It’s a little long (sorry!) but I had a lot to show you! 😉

The box was larger then I expected, so if you’re looking for this set at your local Target, be sure to check behind the bigger boxes if you don’t see it right away. I found my set hiding behind the ubiquitous OG Salon Set that has been continuously in stock for many months.

Sadly, summer is just about to come to an end,  and my kids are all back to school in two short weeks.  I also just celebrated my forty-first trip around the sun and, thanks to a gift card from my family, I am expecting my birthday American Girl order to arrive shortly.  Look for more reviews and some fun fall dolly projects in the coming weeks!


  1. Flo says:

    I came across this set on Friday, I was so excited! Like yours, mine was hiding behind the teepee set. So happy to find it, I have so many ideas for ways to use it.

    Did you notice that on the box it says that you get 8 buttons, but there are only 4? Someone else picked up on that. Apparently someone in their packaging dept. failed remedial math!

    Something I noticed–at the Target nearest me, they had the teepee set and the table and chairs set, but not this set. Each of those sets had their own tag on the counter. At the Target I did find it at, the tag simply said “assortment”. Makes me wonder if not all Targets are going to have it. I would suggest to anyone looking for it to check that and if it doesn’t say assortment, you may want to try a different store.

    • Steph says:

      I didn’t notice that about the buttons! I want my 4 buttons. lol. 😉 And I think you are right about the “assortment”. I found this set at the same Target that I’ve found other harder to find items. I’m fortunate to have 4 Targets within fairly easy driving distance, and one in particular is usually the “jackpot” store. It’s not any less accessible then the others nor in a drastically different suburban environment, so there is no obvious reason it would be better stocked then the other stores. So strange!

  2. Anna says:

    Steph, What an adorable set! Love the details!! The pattern and fabric on the roll are the best! I love that the sewing machine has limited movement!

  3. Linda Reynolds says:

    Still can’t find this set. What part of the country has this set been found? If anyone still has the box, Could you please tell me the UPC number.

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