That 70’s Girl – A review of Julie’s Skateboarding Set and Tunic Outfit

Julie Albright American Girl Special Edition Skateboarding Set Summer Festival Tshirt

Oh Julie, how you’ve captured my heart!  I have to admit, when I began collecting American Girl three and half years ago, Julie Albright was not on my radar at all.  Although I was born in the 70’s, I have no conscious memory of the time nor nostalgia for the era.  In fact, I’ve spent most of my life rolling my eyes at the sight of olive green appliances, hippy kitsch, the iconic yellow happy face, and over-sized floral anything.

But alas, American Girl got me again!  With the fall 2014 redesign of Julie’s Meet Outfit, I was smitten.  Her Beforever collection, stereotypical as it may be, has entirely won me over and I’ve found myself with an ever-lengthening wish list for that 70’s girl.

The 2015 spring release brought Julie’s Limited Edition Skatboarding Set, priced at $48.00.  I ordered this set immediately, only to have it go on sale for 20% off within the month (grumble, grumble).

Julie Albright American Girl Special Edition Skateboarding Set

American Girl’s description:

When Julie is ready to roll in San Francisco, she wears this outfit:

  • A comfy music-festival tee with red raglan sleeves
  • Her favorite sport shorts with rainbow stripes on the sides
  • Knee-high athletic socks with colorful stripes at the tops
  • Two-tone blue shoes that are great for playtime
  • Slim ’70s-style skateboard with wheels that work and an elastic strap on top to help Julie stand

Julie Albright American Girl Special Edition Skateboarding Set

For some reason, American Girl’s stock photos make the skateboard look miniscule, but the actual size of the skateboard is reasonably scaled.   I adore this skateboard! It is all plastic (except for a few metal screws on the plastic trucks) but it’s good quality with a lot of detail.  The working wheels are made with a realistic semi-transparent rubbery yellow vinyl.

merican Girl Skateboarding Set Review

Julie Albright American Girl Special Edition Skateboarding Set

The elastic strap on the skateboard is pretty useless.  I couldn’t get her to stand on the board with the straps over her shoes.   I was able to finally get her balanced without the straps, but it was precarious and she inevitably tipped over after a few minutes.  I can imagine this will be frustrating to younger doll owners.

But how cute are those knee socks? Cute, I tell you.  I adore dolly knees, so these socks may be my perfect accessory.

The skater sneakers are nice quality with layered blue and white vinyl over cobalt blue nylon “mesh” fabric.  The inside of the shoe is lined with a soft fuzzy white fabric.  I have heard other collectors describe these shoes as “thin”, but I don’t find them to be unusually thin and I think the weight is in line with this particular style of shoe.

Julie Albright American Girl Special Edition Skateboarding Set Summer Festival Tshirt

Julie’s raglan style tee features a fun rainbow colored graphic decal that seems to be nice quality.  Time will tell if the decal will be prone to cracking or peeling, but my initial opinion is that it is well done.  The tee is made with a good mid-weight cotton and closes in the back with velcro.

Julie Albright American Girl Special Edition Skateboarding Set Shorts

The shorts are also super cute, made from a cobalt blue nylon fabric. The rainbow grosgrain ribbon detail extends from waistband to notched leg and is securely sewn on.  Adorable! The waistband is thick elastic and the shorts fit well.

As with most American Girl brand doll clothing, all of the inner seams are finished superbly with no loose or fraying seams.

I adore this set.  It’s probably overpriced at $48, so I hope you were luckier then me and got it on sale in March.  American Girl has been nothing if not ENTIRELY UNPREDICTABLE for the last 18 months, so it’s difficult to say whether it will go on sale again.  Since it is limited edition, it is slated to be gone by January 1, 2016 (or while supplies last).  However, we saw last year’s limited edition sets broken apart and sold piecemeal in 2015 (at an increased price), so who knows. Based on back orders, Julie’s Skateboarding Set seems to be popular, so there is a chance it might sell out around the holidays. If you must have it, I wouldn’t risk waiting for a 2016 clearance sale.

I also ordered Julie’s Tunic Outfit, which was released with the initial Beforever overhaul in 2014.  Taryn (MYAG #44) is modeling for this review.  The retail price of this outfit is $34.00.

Julie Albright American Girl Tunic Outfit Review

American Girl’s description:

Julie dresses in this colorful outfit for a day of exploring Golden Gate Park. It includes:

  • A denim chambray tunic with an embroidered yoke, long puff sleeves, and a belt with twirly tassels
  • Bright-berry pants with cuffs and patch pockets
  • Sunny yellow clogs with faux-wood soles

This may be one of my favorite American Girl outfits ever.  I love the bright colors and the details.  The embroidery on the tunic is exquisitely done as is the overcast edge stitching along the collar. The belt piece is separate and would be a sweet way to accessorize a simple sheath dress.

Julie Albright American Girl Tunic Outfit Review - Embroidered Tunic

Her hot pink pants are equally fun and detailed.  They are made with a good quality cotton twill and have a tiny pleat running up the length of each pant leg.  They are sewn cuffed and have a working placket front pockets as well.

Julie Albright American Girl Tunic Outfit Review - Pants

The bright (did I mention bright?) yellow clog-style platform shoes are super awesome.  The “platforms” are a thick rubbery brown vinyl.  The top of the shoe is shiny yellow vinyl with a middle seam with a yellow elastic strap around the heel.  These shoes are easy to put on the doll and they stay on very well.  Taryn stands solidly and securely in her clogs, even with a bit of a heel.

I feel this outfit is fairly priced at $34.00.   Each piece is versatile and works in a 70’s theme or with a more modern doll.  It looks great on Julie as well as Taryn.  I added Saige’s (American Girl of the Year 2014) Parade hat for the Sunshine Garden Bench review for a sweet and colorful spring look.

I’m very pleased with both of my recent Julie acquisitions and I hope that American Girl continues to produce appealing 70’s throwback pieces that both reflect the past and also resonate with today’s design aesthetic.

Are you collecting for Julie?  I’d love to hear your opinion on her latest pieces!

Julie Albright American Girl Skateboarding Tunic Outfit Review


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