Paola Reina Liu. And Liu’s Shoes.

PAOLA REINA – Las Amigas

This is Liu.


Paola Reina Liu Las Amigas

Like her friend Cristi, she is a Paola Reina doll.  She’s a tiny little girl, a diminutive 32 cm (~12.5 inches). Paola Reina dolls are handcrafted in Spain, made with materials sourced only from Europe.  The Paola Reina company has only recently begun distributing directly to North America.  I ordered my dolls through Amazon UK and a few are now available through regular ‘ole Amazon (United States).


Liu arrived in a soccer uniform.  Or maybe it’s football?  Anyway, she told me it didn’t suit her and she’d prefer a change of clothing before her debut on the blog.


Las Amigas Liu Paola Reina Doll

I made her a very simple top and slightly less simple linen pantaloons. I’m anxiously awaiting the delivery of a new scanner so I can share the pattern with you, should you care to sew for a Paola Reina doll.  These little pantaloons also fit my Hearts for Hearts doll, although the fit is a little different.  Anyway, that is a post for another day!


She also got a new pair of kicks.  Allow me to present:  Liu’s Shoes.


Paola Reina Handmade Shoes


I found a lovely faux leather remnant at the fabric store last week.  This serendipitous $4 purchase has launched me into the world of dolly cobblery.  Or is it cobblerhood?  Spell check disapproves of my made up words, but you know what I mean.  I make doll shoes now.  This is another pattern I will share with you when my scanner arrives,  should you care to take up doll cobblery, or cobblerhood, or shoe making.


Liu is a beautiful doll and she photographs so well.


Paola Reina Doll Liu


Liu Paola Reina Las Amigas Doll


This is a fascinating video of the Paola Reina factory and the vinyl play line doll making process! The music is fantastically creepy, too.





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