How to Make Festive Doll Socks in Five Minutes

How to Make Socks for your American Girl Doll

I’ve got a fun, fast, and EASY doll sewing project for you today! You can make festive, seasonal socks for your dolls in just five minutes using store bought human socks.  Find socks in lots of fun prints at the dollar store, at the craft store, or in big box retailers like Walmart or Target.


American Girl sewing craft from socks

I found this fun assortment of Halloween socks at Target.  Each pair cost only a dollar, and you can make two pairs of dolly socks from each pair of human socks.

This is a great way to recycle your socks with holes in the heels, too, since you’ll only need the ankle portion for your doll socks. However, if your socks tends to develop holes in the ankles, I don’t know what tell you.  That’s just weird. 😉


DIY Five Minute Doll Socks


This is such a fun and quick project, perfect for a new or young crafter.  Even the video instructions are less then two minutes!



I would love to see your socks!  Try out the tutorial and then show-and-tell on the Many Small Friends Facebook page.


  1. Nora Isaac says:

    I love this. I made up a pair quickly and then used the other end of the sock for a beanie and head band. Fantastic! Thank you!

    • Steph says:

      Oh, that’s a good question! I think you could probably make it work with just about any sock and cut to fit. I used a “girl” sized sock that I found at Joann fabric store.

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