The Autumn Shrug Pattern for 18 Inch Dolls


Sweater weather has arrived, here in the mountain valley where my small friends and I live. The days are still hot, but the evenings bring a chill that harkens the ripening of our last garden tomatoes and signifies that cider season is just around the corner.


American Girl Doll 61 Free Sewing Pattern


Around these parts, autumn means boots, college football (Go Utes!), pumpkin-spice-everything, and did I mention.. boots?! But oh how we hate to put away our sleeveless tops and bright summer dresses!


American Girl Free Shrug Sewing Pattern PDF


Autumn Shrug

If your doll needs something to wrap around her shoulders this fall, I have a sewing pattern just for you! It’s very easy pattern with only 6 pieces, super fast to put together especially if you upcycle a sweater, and best of all.. it’s free!

You can make the Autumn Shrug from a thrifted or outgrown sweater or with any medium-weight knit fabric. And don’t you dare say you’re afraid of sewing with knits. You can totally do this, knits are very forgiving, and if you use a sweater, your shrug will look like you spent hours knitting it with tiny dolly needles, even though it took you no time to sew! You could even sew this by hand if you don’t have a machine or like to have a lap project while hanging out at soccer practice or while catching up on the new fall tv shows.

Free 18 Inch Doll Sweater sewing pattern PDF

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Please remember to save the pattern file to your hard drive and then print from PDF software (I use Acrobat which is available for free). If you print directly from your browser, the pattern pieces will probably print at the wrong size. You can be sure that the scale is correct by measuring the 1 inch box printed on the pattern page.

One more tip: You can save printer ink by only printing the pattern pieces page and referencing the instructions on your computer or tablet. To do this with Acrobat, open the pattern file, then click File, choose Print from the drop down menu, click the radio button next to Pages, and enter the number 6 in the box next to Pages. Then click Print, and only the pattern page will be printed. Neat, huh?



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Fall in the Rockies


  1. lori says:

    hi there – thanks for the fun and interesting posts. I will enjoy keeping up with what you are doing. May I use some of your ideas/patterns to sell doll clothing too? I would of course give you credit.

  2. Darlene says:

    Love the pattern! I have sewed for decades, and I am amazed with the quality of your pattern and instructions. This will be great fun!
    many thanks!

  3. Marge says:

    Thanks so much for the pattern. I just made one to test my skills. Turned out so cute. A suggestion I did was use the hem from a t-shirt and cut it to the size in the pattern.I cut mine about 11/4 inch wide from bottom finished edge of hem.After sewing it on, you get a top-stitched look on your hem.

  4. Jeanne says:

    I signed up for the newsletter, but when I try to download a pattern, it just takes me back to the place to sign up for the newsletter. A frustrating circle. What am I doing wrong. I think your clothes are darling and I want to try some of them.

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