1. Tari says:

    Hi, I read about you in Karen Owens blog. I’d love to follow your blog by email, so much easier to keep up that way. Is there a way you can add the email blank to the blog so people can follow you that way? Thanks!

    • Steph says:

      Tari! Thank you so much for the request. 🙂 I made it waaaaay harder on myself then it had to be (found this out AFTER I set this up.. lol) but I *think* I got it sorted? Here is the form to sign up for the RSS feed: http://www.manysmallfriends.com/rss I also added a link on the top-upper-right of the page. HOPEFULLY it will work (I think it will, I sent myself a test) but I guess we won’t know for sure until I post a new post. Thank you again for asking and for reading!!

  2. Tari says:

    Hi Stephanie! Actually the form showed right up on the home page when I visited today. I saw it before I saw your post but I had wanted to come and say thanks anyway. Now I’m signed up and won’t miss a blog post. Love your awesome patterns!

  3. Margaret says:

    Hi Stephanie, so happy to have found your blog in fact I signed up twice I was that excited, I dident want to miss a thing so where ever I was asked to sign up I did lol. Working with tiny doll clothing can be a little tedious to say the least at time but the end results is magical when you see the look on your granddaughters faces. I’m new to sewing little people clothing and was looking around on line for tips and tricks and game across your blog, the angels dropped you in my iPad this morning and I could be more happier. Your explanations are so clear I have no need to read and read over time and time again. I realize the hard work you put into you blog and promis to respect that. Thank you a million times over for the few tips I’ve learnt already in the past half hour I’m thrilled. Take care Happy sewing from my house to yours 🏘…. Margaret

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