Slouch Boot Pattern and Tutorial for American Girl Doll

I’ve just finished producing my very first YouTube video and my very first doll pattern!  Whew, it was a big day.  My kids make video production look much easier then it actually is.  Good thing I have two teens available for 24/7 in-house tech support.


The video is a tutorial to accompany my Slouch Boot pattern sized for American Girl dolls.  I drafted this pattern for my Hearts for Hearts doll, but decided it would be fun to try (and probably more useful) as an 18″ doll pattern.  18″ dolls do have different size feet, however, so if you make these boots for a doll other then American Girl, you may have to adjust the pattern a bit to fit your doll.


I shot the video in 3 parts, the first is about 3 minutes long and the other two are about 13 minutes long.  Here is the first part:




You can download and print the free pattern here: Slouch Boots Pattern.  When you click this link, the pattern should open in your web browser, but  (this is important) when I printed the pattern directly from my browser, it printed smaller then actual scale.


In order to print the pattern at the correct size, be sure to download the pattern to your computer, open from a pdf viewer (I use Adobe Acrobat, which is free), and print from there.  Be sure to choose the option for “Actual Size”  when printing.  To double check sizing, measure the 1 inch box printed on the pattern.  If it measures 1 inch, you’ve got the right size!



Free American Girl Boot Pattern and Tutorial



Free Printable Boot Pattern American Girl




Let me know if you try the pattern, I’d love to see your boots!