American Girl Beforever Review – Kit’s Outfit



American Girl Caroline wears Kit's Beforever Meet Outfit


It was love at first sight.  When American Girl began teasing us mercilessly revealing little glimpses of the new Beforever line, I knew Kit’s new meet outfit was destined to be mine.  I don’t officially collect for Kit (yet?) but I own and love several of her accessory sets including the Produce and Preserves Set, the Washday Set, and the recently released limited edition Candy Making Set.


So it wasn’t too hard to talk myself into adding the new Beforever version of her meet outfit to my latest American Girl order.  I mean, what’s an 18 inch girl to do?  Hand crank her laundry, can peaches, and mold chocolate bunnies in a tank top and capris?  That would be silly.


A vibrant  jade sleeveless dress, adorned with whimsical flower buttons,  rick-rack trimmed peter pan collar, paired with scarlet strappy shoes, and topped off with a ribbon-wrapped, felt cloche hat is infinitely more practical for the the serious vinyl homemaker.


AG Doll Caroline wears Kit Kittredge Beforever Outfit


Caroline selflessly volunteered to be the subject of my photo shoot and video review.  She may or may not have a beauty queen complex.  With her ivory “skin” and brilliant seafoam eyes, she has a similar coloring to Kit Kittredge, so I imagined the outfit would be lovely on her.


Everything was going swimmingly, until she spotted the bike.


Caroline models Kit's Beforever Meet


After that,  there was simply no coaxing her away from the sparkling hot pink object of her affection.   She insisted on taking a ride, right then and there.  And hours later, long after sunset in the cool autumn night air, she’s still out there tooling up and down the sidewalk, navigating by street light.  She hasn’t even come in for a sweater!


One thing is for sure, we’re not telling Avery, who is utterly convinced the bike belongs to her.


Fortunately, Caroline was willing to change into some play clothes before taking off on the bike, and Meggie stepped in to finish the photo shoot.


American Girl Kit's Beforever Meet Outfit Review




I’m not sure Meggie will ever take this dress off. It is absolutely stunning on her!


Anyway, if you’d like to hear me prattle on about Kit’s Caroline’s Meggie’s new dress, Caroline and I filmed a ten minute video review.  There are a few more detail pictures and portraits from our photo shoot at the end.




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  1. Laurie says:

    GASP. How gorgeous does Caroline look in that dress?!? I am in the process of trying to thin out my collection of AG dolls, and every time I think I can let go of Caroline, I see pics like this and realize NO WAY. Especially since she’s going to be retired. And you’re right, Cecile (Meggie) looks stunning in that dress.

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