American Girl Beforever Review – Julie Albright Doll

American Girl Doll Julie Beforever Review

Hey girl, you’re looking pretty foxy in those bell bottoms and banana-yellow crochet vest! And that center part and single braid is sooooo groovy!

Yep, one last more American Girl doll has arrived.   Do you know who she is? Of course you do.  It’s 1974 representin’ with Julie Albright! 

In my three years of collecting American Girl, I have not been even slightly interested in starting a Julie collection.  Other then a personal connection to 1974 (Can guess the connection?  Ten years before I was born? Oh, you’re SO kind.. hah ha), I’m just not that into the 70’s and I wasn’t particularly attracted to the Julie doll, either.

Julie is made with the  Josefina mold, shared by Josephina (obviously),  Rebecca , Nellie, Elizabeth, Girl of the Year characters Marisol, Chrissa, and McKenna, and a number of other My American Girl dolls.  I haven’t been a big fan of the Josie mold and, having never visited an American Girl store, I had never seen a Josefina mold doll in person until my daughter received McKenna for Christmas.  Once McKenna arrived, I realized that I like the facial features a lot more in person then in photographs, so I didn’t discount the possibility of someday finding a Josie mold doll to add to my own collection.

Enter Beforever.  Before I decided Julie must join my troop of small friends, I fell in love with her Beforever collection, specifically her new wardrobe.  I adore just about every new piece!  It’s  kitschy without being gaudy, playful, and fun.  I admit I balked a little at the meet and the accessories together.

AG Doll Beforever Julie

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Is this a little too over the top cliche? Maybe, but the 70’s was a decade of exuberant expression, and this combination certainly fits that bill!

But, oh the Bell Bottoms with print floral insets!  That gorgeous purple coat!  And the Tunic Outfit!  I must have it all. *eventually.   The more I drooled over the clothing, the more I realized I should just dive right in and get a Julie doll.  Especially since the new Beforever meet outfit alone is $36.  For just a few dollars more (79 is still “a few”, right?) I could get the coveted meet outfit, the doll, and the book, too!

<conversation with myselfBut really, do I need another doll?  It’s getting downright crowded in here. I haven’t seen my cat in a few weeks, he may or may not be buried under a pile of vinyl and serger tails. Maybe I should wait for Christmas.

I held out for a record 76-ish hours, but free shipping clouded my better judgement and broke my resolve.  Julie was ordered and a week later, she arrived.

Surprise… I love her!  Her chocolate brown eyes are gorgeous.  Her overall coloring is perfect. The meet outfit is simple; jeans, sleeveless tee, undies, and sweater vest, but all well made and as adorable as I expected.


Julie Albright - Beforever


I’m not crazy about her single line eyebrows.  Most of the other American Girl dills have multi-line feathered brows, and even Addy got a brow makeover with Beforever.  Julie is the holdout.  I think she looks okay with the solid line design, but I would have preferred her brows to be updated with Beforever, as well.


Julie Albright - Beforever


Julie Albright - Beforever


The sandals are fantastic.  The girls are already fighting over them.


Julie Albright - Beforever


Julie is one of my only straight haired dolls, and it really is a joy to comb through her silky, shiny hair. However, I was a little surprised and disappointed that she doesn’t have the short hairs in her wig that keep the wig cap from showing when her hair is separated into two pony tails.

Here is a comparison shot with Julie and My American Girl #61, Ada.


Beforever Julie and #61


Sometimes the short hairs stick out a little and poke through an otherwise combed area of hair, but that minor hassle is worth a hidden wig cap, in my opinion.

Regardless of line brows and nakey wigcap, Julie Albright has found a home among the small friends, and she is here to stay.  I’m glad to add the Josefina mold to my collection and I can’t wait to collect and sew more 70’s inspired outfits.  Maybe I’ll even cave and buy her those crazy accessories!


Julie Albright - Beforever


I made a short unboxing video (no really, it’s only 2 minutes! I saved the “blah blah blah blah” for this post, instead.  Lucky you.)  for my dolly channel on YouTube.  I make a brief cameo appearance at the end, finally fully revealing all my dorkiness for the world to see!


Thanks for hanging out with me today and talking dolls.. see you soon!


  1. Flo says:

    I wasn’t all that wowed by Julie either, but I went to an AG store this past week and saw her in person and she is really pretty! Enjoy your new doll 🙂

  2. matilyn says:

    hi im matilyn i have three american girls mag 31 mckenna brooks and kit kittredge i was wondering do you have any fav dolls im planning on getting a new one but i dont know witch one sincerally matilyn

    • Steph says:

      Hiya Matilyn! Ohhh.. favorite dolls. That’s a tough one because I love them all! I have a soft spot for Kanani because I got her when I was having a rough time and she cheered me up. Plus, she is gorgeous!

      My favorite historical doll is Kaya. I have her complete collection (except for her 3 animals). I grew up in Arizona and was fascinated by Native American history as a kid. LOVE her! Another historical doll I have is Caroline, but she *refuses* to stay in her time period and always wants to dress in the modern outfits. She is really fun to photograph.. I think she needs to be the star of my next photo shoot. And I have a Pleasant Company Addy that is just divine.

      Oh gosh, I could go on and on. My favorite MYag right now is probably #61 (Ada) because I love her beautiful red hair. I also love #55 because she looks good in every outfit and photographs REALLY well. I’m not very good at the question, am I? lol

      Anyway, thank you for reading and for leaving a comment! Maybe you will let me know which doll you choose next? Whichever doll you choose will be awesome, I’m sure!

  3. T Z says:

    We live in SF, my daughter is a bit young, but I bought the classical Julie for $50 more on eBay than this cheesey Beforever Julie. She wants Julie, but too young. I compared the two versions and the Beforever doll is not as well made as the classical. The materials seem inferior. I decided to snag a classical version before the prices go up! I want an heirloom! I’m wondering what’s going on with the Beforever cheapness? In addition, the paperback books are also inferior to the hard-covered ones! I also purchased a $32 cloth bodied mini and hard covered book as opposed to the $24 plastic body and paperback with the beforever mini julie! Whoever is director of marketing and CEO of AG need to really review the quality of their new dolls. The only new doll I preferred was Rebecca.

  4. Dorcas says:

    Absolutely loved julie from the moment she came out! I dont plan on getting her at this point, but I am coveting her accessories!! Maybe when I get kanani I will get some of them for her… im thinking my kanani will be boho….
    I am wondering about the cheapness too…I am not very impressed…

  5. Melanie says:

    I have to agree with you that Julie wasn’t too exciting at first, but after reading your blog, it inspired me to buy her too. Thanks for the great review! Very persuasive!

  6. Daisymermaid says:

    Oh my gosh I have wanted her for eons! And now I must buy her. Her new outfit is TOTES AMAZE!!!! 😃😃😃😍

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