New Spring Outfits and Accessories from Our Generation

Kanani in new OG Doll Clothes Gardening SetOur Generation has some fun new releases that are (finally) appearing in Target stores this month.  I’d seen the new outfits popping up on Instagram and on the American Girl forums a few weeks before they were available locally, and the hunt was on.

After trawling four (!) area Target stores weekly for a solid month, I finally hit the jackpot when I arrived at a store first thing in the morning just after the Our Generation aisle had been restocked.

<insert glorious photo of fully stocked OG section which I regrettably forgot to take!>

Although I’ve long been a fan of the Our Generation accessories, I have never purchased any of the OG doll clothing.  I’ve been tempted a number of times by cute styles, but upon closer inspection of the fabrics, I haven’t been able to pull the trigger and buy, despite very inexpensive price points.  Some of the materials seem so incredibly cheap that they don’t appear to be “real” fabric at all, but rather some odd, thin, stiff polyester plastic concoction.  And don’t even get me started on the shoes that come bundled with the outfits.

That said, I have to hand it to Our Generation and hopefully declare that they are finally, if only marginally, improving their quality. I was impressed enough by two of the outfits I found to actually make a purchase, along with two of the newest accessory sets.  Some of the newly released clothing appeared to be made of actual cotton or at least a poly-blend that included enough cotton that the fabric felt like.. fabric.

Unfortunately, there are still problems.  The inside seams are left unfinished with a tendency to fray and some of the fabrics are still downright flimsy and the included shoes are still not great.   But OG does seem to have at least nailed the aesthetics with this spring release while, arguably, American Girl brand is falling behind.

My American Girl Doll #55 Models new Our Generation Romper Jumping for Joy

I made a video review of the gardening set and romper outfit I bought and also a quick overview of the s’mores camping/cookout accessory pack and the newest lunch set.

There were a couple of other outfits I was tempted to purchase but ultimately decided against since the styles were simple and easy to recreate on my own with better fabrics and finishings.

Have you purchased any of the new Our Generation outfits or accessories?  Do you feel they are increasing in quality? I’d love to hear your opinions!